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Monday, 27 August 2012

2 Months Update...

Sorry it’s been so long.  We’ve been hard at work here at Gigatross.

First of all, we’d like to say thank you to everyone for leaving such great feedback on our forums and with the Fan-driven Class Balancing submissions.  Much of it has reinforced our own thoughts on core gameplay and class balancing.  Though we’d like to continue to support GCM1 through XBLIG updates, the majority of our time is devoted to making the sequel.  :)

For those who’ve missed a few posts here and there, I’ll rattle off some features of Grand Class Melee 2:

1.  GCM2 will expand on the number of classes in the game (with significant adjustments to many of the original 60).  Currently, our plan is for 130 classes.

2.  Core gameplay will be improved in two ways:
                a. Parry Bar mechanic.  To prevent endless parry wars, you’ll start taking damage after a certain number of parries.
                b. Secondary Attacks.  In place of the ‘slash’ and ‘thrust’ system, players will have a regular attack (like a slash) and a secondary attack.  Charge up your regular attack (by holding ‘A’ for instance), and you execute a secondary attack.   There are 3 unique ones depending on whether you started the game as a warrior, thief or mage type.

3.  Online gameplay.

4.  New art, music, sound effects and game engine. (Duh...)

All those things are pretty much written in stone.

As per the many discussions and comments about adding more game modes and scoring systems, we love all your ideas.  However, we’ve decided to pursue and perfect the core gameplay first, and add extra stuff later.  Some of these ideas are more likely (non-stop survival) others will have to come further down the line, after release (like the dungeon-crawler, <- though we still love this idea).

Thanks for all your great feedback.  Keep it coming :)


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  2. Hi there! Thanks for the suggestion. We took a stab at crowdfunding earlier in the year through Indiegogo, our campaign didn't set any records but we were fortunate enough to receive some generous pledges from cool folks. You can watch our crowdfunding video here:

  3. Hey, my friends and absolutely love the first game and are anticipating the sequel, but I have a couple of questions. First, do you have a planned release date? And will online multiplayer be featured on xbox live? And do you know how many Microsoft points this will cost?I can't wait to see to see how this turns out, keep up the good work guys!

  4. Hello! Any release date is still very speculative, but the earliest we could foresee the game being ready is spring 2013. Once we have something more solid, we will definitely get the word out. The XBLIG version of GCM2 is planned as local multiplayer only to allow us to focus on getting online multiplayer up and running on PC first. As for the price on Xbox Live, that's something we'd prefer to wait and see on, but it is obviously the cheap games that sell.

    Thanks for your interest!