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Friday, 30 November 2012

Daily Class: Marauder


Way of Dark
Round: 1

Health: 3
Speed: Fast

Overcharge - Hold your secondary attack charge for longer to increase Moon Whip's range.

The Marauder begins the thief branch of the Way of Dark.  Overcharge will allow you to keep a bit more distance between you and your enemies than you normally would.  Don't over-rely on your whip though, mage-types won't bother trying to engage you.  Instead, use your natural speed advantage to close gaps.

Leads to: Bandit or Redeemed

Round 1 Special
All characters begin the game with one of three 'charge attacks'.  These are executed by holding the attack button and releasing after a certain charge time.

Charge Attack:
Moon Whip - (Medium Charge) A melee whip attack with a bit of range on it for keeping distance from enemies.  Try to harass the warrior-types but don't get too close!  Releasing this attack at the right moment can deplete your enemy's parry bar more quickly.

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