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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Daily Class: Adept


Way of Dark
Round: 1

Health: 3
Speed: Slow

Ice Wave - Send an icy blast in front of you, dealing 1/2 a heart of damage and stunning your opponent for 1 second.
Cast Time: Instant
Cooldown: 8 seconds

The Adept begins on the mage side of the Way of Dark.  A short-duration stun and instant-cast damage is the perfect thing for a mage in training.  Watch your cooldown bar and wait for the right time to fire your Ice Wave.  Magic Bolt, in the mean time, will keep your enemies at bay; but, expect aggressive pursuit.

Leads to: Soothsayer or Mystic

Round 1 Special
All characters begin the game with one of three 'charge attacks'.  These are executed by holding the attack button and releasing after a certain charge time.

Charge Attack:
Magic Bolt - (Slow Charge) A long-range projectile that hits for 1 heart of damage.  Waiting for a cooldown?  Or, want to harass that fleet-footed thief from afar?  Magic Bolt will give them something to think about while you ready more dangerous abilities.

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