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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Daily Class: Black Knight

Black Knight

Way of Dark

Round: 3

Health: 5

Speed: Average

Unholy Aura - Leave a damaging aura in your wake.  Does 1 heart of damage on contact.

This ability helps prevent those pesky thief-types from cramping your style by making sure they keep a safe distance.  Standing still won't do you any favors though.  Take Cursed Ground and really dominate via territoriality; or, take Lurid Strike and attempt to disable their charge attacks.

Leads to: Minion or Slayer

Whoops, looks like there will be two daily classes today, folks.  Stay tuned for another class from GCM2 shortly.


  1. Hey guys I just want to say I love your game and I loved the sprites from GCM1 but where are all the helmets for the sprites on GCM2? I understood the lower classes would probably not have that armor but for a class called black knight I thought I would see some headgear.

  2. Hi there! The costume progression is being done a bit differently in GCM2 as compared to the first game, it's more of a gradual build to something epic with a new piece being added or replaced every round. You'll see helmets coming soon!

  3. Awesome thanks for the feedback gigatross!