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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Daily Class: Mystic


Way of Dark
Round: 2

Health: 3
Speed: Slow

Ice Ball - Hurl a large ice projectile that detonates into ice shards.  Does 1 heart of damage.
Cast time: 0.65 seconds
Cooldown: Instant

Truly the purpose of a ranged spell caster is to hurl danger from afar.  The Mystic begins GCM2 with a spell which accomplishes just that.  Larger than Magic Bolt and more dangerous due to its explosive nature, Ice Ball will set you apart from the rabble with a spell to be feared.

Leads to: Heretic or Abjurer

This concludes round 2 of GCM2's class tree.  Stay updated by checking out our Projects page on this website to see a visual representation of the class tree as well as the class details that we've covered so far.  Thanks for visiting us!

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