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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Daily Class: Savant


Way of Light
Round: 1

Health: 3
Speed: Slow

Flame WispSummons a Flame Wisp to fight for you.
Cast Time: 0.75 seconds
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Duration: 8 seconds

The Savant begins on the mage side of the Way of Light with a useful little helper called the Flame Wisp. These little pets will approach enemies on their own and lay fire traps for them to step on.  Fill the screen with these guys and keep firing your Magic Bolt for long-range supremacy. 

Leads to: Acolyte or Scribe

Round 1 Special
All characters begin the game with one of three 'charge attacks'.  These are executed by holding the attack button and releasing after a certain charge time.

Charge Attack:
Magic Bolt - (Slow Charge) A long-range projectile that hits for 1 heart of damage.  Waiting for a cooldown?  Or, want to harass that fleet-footed thief from afar?  Magic Bolt will give them something to think about while you ready more dangerous abilities.


  1. Oh my god, a summoning class..... awesomeeeeee.

    Alright so: hope you read this, think you will. First of all, kudos, this shit is awesome. My buddies and I have regular gaming nights, and we love when we find these indie games, seeing you're from Kelowna, also awesome. Van Island here.

    I'm hoping you can be done this by my buddy's wedding, as it would be truly awesome to have this to show him, one of his favorite games, and I think he's unaware that you're making a sequel. May next year :P.

    Please, please, please, please let me know if I can throw money at you to get a beta copy or a tester of the game as it goes. Seriously. SO MUCH AWESOME.

    A bit of stuff to talk about: Ever thought of going through Steam? I think it'd be a hit, especially with live competition. Please include controller support, so awesome.

    Anyway, keeping updated, and I'll be watching. Thx guys. So much.

  2. Hi John, thanks for the kind words! It's awesome to hear that GCM has found its way into you and your friends' gaming nights. We're making good progress on GCM2 at the moment, but it's still too soon to say when we'll have this thing ready for release. Hopefully before your buddy's wedding!

    We would absolutely love to get a beta out there once the game's stable and halfway presentable. When we've settled what we're doing in that regard, we will definitely get the word out if we have good news.

    Getting GCM2 onto Steam would be a dream, that's an avenue we'd be fools not to pursue! Waiting until we have a little more that's tangible to share of the game should improve our odds of getting noticed on Greenlight, fingers crossed on that one.

    Controller support is guaranteed. Mouse & keyboard will be available as a control option but a genuine gamepad will almost certainly remain the best way to play.

    Thanks again, John!