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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Daily Class: Vagabond


Way of Dark
Round: 1

Health: 3
Speed: Average

Lurid Strike - Sweep out in front of you in a large double strike.  In addition to doing 1 heart of damage, successfully landing this attack will disable an enemy's charge attack for 10 seconds.
Cast Time: Instant
Cooldown: 6 seconds

The Vagabond begins on the warrior side of the Way of Dark and is arguably the most dangerous class on the battle field in Round 1.  No other class packs such an effective attack.  So, expect to chase your foes.  Be careful though, you don't have the extra health that the Squire does.  The pressure is on.

Leads to: Renegade or Tainted Soul

Round 1 Special
All characters begin the game with one of three 'charge attacks'.  These are executed by holding the attack button and releasing after a certain charge time.

Charge Attack:
Spin Slash - (Fast Charge) A 360° spin attack designed for close-quarters supremacy.  Releasing this attack at the right moment can deplete your enemy's parry bar more quickly.  It can also save your bacon by parrying away enemy attacks.

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