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Friday, 25 January 2013

Daily Class: Hunter


Way of Dark
Round: 4

Health: 6
Speed: Fast


Triple Quarrel - Fire 3 quarrels at once. Each quarrel does 1 heart of damage.
Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Few projectiles fly at a diagonal.  Triple Quarrel will surely surprise your opponents who foolishly expect to be safe with a mere sidestep.  This crossbow ability spreads three projectiles over a wider distance than usual, but make the quarrels count.  Opponents who choose speed improving abilities will be in your face and mages will still have the advantage over long range.  Scout out areas of the battlefield that will favour your medium range specialization.

Leads to: Shadowblade or Beastmaster


  1. hey ive been reading the classes and i do not understand this "pet" feature. could you explain? very excited for the xbox release.

  2. We're happy to hear you're excited! As for pets, summoning one brings an AI-controlled ally into battle that fights on your side. They can deal and take damage like any other player, but their effectiveness is limited mainly by their health. How many you can have in play simultaneously varies from pet to pet.

  3. does every class have a pet or is it an ability like everybody else? i suppose what im trying to ask is will it be an ability or its own seperate function? i am glad you guys made such good arena game. my friends and I have a blast when get together and play the first one.

  4. Only specific classes have abilities that summon pets. Take the Necromancer's Summon Undead, for instance, which can then be carried forward as a secondary ability for the rest of the game should the player choose. Think of pets as just another ability type, but kind of a rare one. Thanks for playing Grand Class Melee, we're glad you and your friends enjoy it!