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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Daily Class: Cleric


Way of Light
Round: 5

Health: 7

Speed: Slow


Mandala - Summon a magic ring which activates after 3 seconds, healing Way of Light classes or damaging Way of Dark classes for 2 hearts.
Cast Time: Instant
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Both an effective attack and heal at the same time, Mandala is the perfect tool for the mobile healer.  This ability works great if you have an ally who's also chosen the Way of Light.  Be careful however, this spell will heal opponents who've chosen the Way of Light; and for that matter, it will damage allies who've taken the Way of Dark.  Only choose Mandala when the math is in your favor.

Leads to:
Priest or Psionic

This marks the end of the classes for Round 5 for Grand Class Melee 2.  Keep checking back for more daily content from us here at Gigatross.  Currently, we're hard at work on this game and still don't have a release date.  To our fans who've been following us so far, we appreciate all your encouragement and support.  Check us out on twitter, facebook or our own forums for more Gigatross discussion.

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