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Monday, 11 February 2013

Daily Class: Devourer


Way of Dark
Round: 5

Health: 7

Speed: Average


Gobble - Heal to full health.  Must be near a corpse of either a player or a pet.
Cast time: 0.5 seconds
Cooldown: Instant

Not to be taken lightly, the Devourer feeds on the corpses of the fallen.  Regardless if they were friend or foe in life, in death they nourish you.  Pair this one up with a strong melee ability and get back in the action quick after using Gobble.  A good combination would be Gobble and Untamed, allowing you to heal more health with a higher stamina, while increasing your speed to help you catch your opponents.

Leads to: Defiler or Raider


  1. any news on a more accurate release date? really anticipating this game. you should try make it an xbla game. i would definitly pay $10-$15 for your work.

  2. Happy to hear you're looking forward to GCM2! We still don't have a solid sense of a release date, we're at point in mid-development where the pace of progress is tough to estimate. We really want to show the game in action, but there's still some important stuff we ought to get just right before we do that. As for an XBLA release, man, we'd love the opportunity.

    Thanks for your support!