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Friday, 29 March 2013

Daily Class: Grimblade


Way of Dark

Round: 7

Health: 10
Speed: Average

Cyclone -  A flailing circular attack that hits for 2 hearts of damage.
Cast Time: Instant
Cooldown: 5 seconds

With the large attack radius and sporadic motion of Cyclone, you'll be one of the most dangerous forces on the battlefield. Pair this ability up with one of the many defensive abilities you've received thus far and you'll rule the round.  Don't worry too much about speedy or tricky opponents.  Simply pick the right defensive ability as your secondary and you'll be alright.

Leads to: Darkspawn or Nightblade

This concludes the classes of Round 7 for Grand Class Melee 2.  Next up is Round 8, the final round in GCM2!  Remember to keep checking back for new daily content.  A big thank you to the people who've been following our blog series so far.  Remember to visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. One more round to go!

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