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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Final Class: Devout


Way of Light
Round: 8

Health: 9

Speed: Slow


Flare - A very large AoE fire attack. Hits for 4 hearts of damage.
Cast time: 0.4 seconds
Cooldown: 8 seconds

The Devout ends the healing branch of the Way of Light with the devastating AoE fire spell Flare.  This high damage ability can be casted quickly and will ensure either a healthy distance between you and your foes, or a monopoly on the territory of your choosing. Don't be afraid to pair this ability up with another spell; even if it has a long cast time. But, preferably you'll have something interesting for your opponents in the 8 second interim between your Flare's.

And that's it!

This marks the final class from Grand Class Melee 2.  If you are interested in seeing any of the previous classes we covered in our series, check out our projects page under Grand Class Melee 2.  Thanks to everyone for your feedback and support so far.  All of your suggestions and discussion of our game are appreciated.  If you ever feel like chatting, leave us a message on our forums and we'll usually respond to you in a timely fashion.


  1. Now that you have shown all the classes what else are you going to post on the blog?

  2. Hi Hugo! While we don't have anything up our sleeves with the regularity of the daily class, you can expect periodic updates on GCM2's progress and any breakthroughs or development milestones we happen to hit. We've been sharing the bulk of production art first on our Facebook page (, definitely keep an eye on that if you're interested in keeping up to speed. Your interest is appreciated!

  3. Will u have dungeon in your game where you and your friends go through dungeons with the different classes working together because that would be sweet also survival would be cool

  4. Those would both be fun game modes, definitely! We've worked out a plan for both a dungeon quest and survival mode, but our priority right now is on getting all the coding and content completed for the standard 8 round game. Once that's in place and we're happy with how abilities are working, we'll be turning our attention to online play and additional game modes.