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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Beta Update v1.0.5 and Website Update


The current classes are now displayed correctly on our GCM2 Class List.  For your referencing convenience!

Beta Update

The beta available from our download link has been updated to v1.0.5.  If you'd like to see the latest changes in your version, please re-download and install the beta package.

Patch Notes
  • Many cast times and cooldowns have been reduced across the board
  • The archer path has been given a power boost:
  1. Quick Arrow now appears in Round 1,  an essential ability to the archer path.
  2. Bow has been replaced by Poison Arrow, an instant-cast slowing projectile.
  3. The cooldown on Volley has been replaced by a very short cast time.
  4. The cast time on Pitch Arrow has been reduced
  • Runed Armor now reduces magic damage taken by 75%
  • New class: Guardian - read about it here!
  • A few class connections were changed to improve path flow.  (See the updated Class Tree)
  • AI's should now use their abilities more frequently

Thanks everyone for your discussion and submissions so far!

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