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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Development Update

Grand Class Melee 2 is coming for XBLIG!

Some of you may have seen on theXBLIG that Grand Class Melee 2 is coming for the Xbox Live Indie market!  We hope this comes as welcome news to those fans who enjoyed GCM on this market three years ago.

Our efforts to bring this title to another market has delayed the GCM2 Beta from a much-needed update for almost two months.  But rest assured, we've been diligently tweaking and polishing things in the mean time.

Upcoming Patch

Here's a quick look at what's in store for the next beta update:

  • Larger text and improved readability for Ability Descriptions
  • Floating Health Bars above the character that provide an easier look at your current health
  • Animated menu pane showing game controls before the round begins

GCM2 is in Open Beta on!

For those interested in gaining access to the Grand Class Melee 2 Beta, we've officially opened the gates.  Click the image below or go to to join the fun today!

Thank You to all our beta testers for their contributions so far.  Please keep those bug submissions coming.

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  1. PLEASE put is on XBOX360 ! that will make my life so much easier