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Monday, 19 January 2015

Beta Update v1.0.9

We've rolled out v1.0.9 to, IndieGameStand, and Desura, as well as to the private download for you GCM2 beta testers out there! Tons of tweaks, fixes and improvements await you in the new version, check 'em out below. Freshen up your GCM2, everyone!

GCM2 v1.0.9 Changelog

  • Added in-game tutorial slides accessible from main menu
  • Added credits screen, including crowdfunding backer recognition 
  • Added two new custom scoring presets (Performance & Justice) 
  • Added unique character sprites for Round 8 
  • Added two new tracks (Dune Theme replaced, End Theme debuted) 
  • Implemented floating healthbars 
  • Improved menu feel with growing/shrinking buttons 
  • Redesigned inter-round score reporting to better highlight performance
  • Redesigned in-game font for improved readibility at smaller scales
  • Redesigned player column to expand ability description text area 
  • Updated all soundtrack files for gapless looping
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  1. Please add LAN to this game, GCM1 is one of our party and drinking games on Xbox. I also don't think many people like to go tho the hassle of making there computer 4 player controller friendly. if you added LAN all 6 of us can get it and let our group grow and have Turnies with this game.